Through the eyes of the Spirit

The implications of shedding innocent blood are significant. Cain’s killing of his brother Abel did not go unnoticed or unpunished by God. This egregious act opened the door for the unleashing of the spirit of murder upon the land. This spirit of killing continues to the present time and will only cease with the return of Christ. In the meantime, God will not sit idle and look the other way but will execute punishment upon the perpetrators. Not only will God punish this crime, but the earth will join Him in the execution of judgment. You see, the very act of sin defiles the earth causing it to revolt against humanity. Is it any wonder that we are experiencing the upheaval of the land in the form of famine, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, mudslides, and yes, the plague, Corona-virus? Why was this plague of corona allowed to come? Someone is speaking, and the very ground is bearing witness against us of

the evilness of our ways. Abel’s blood cried out to God, and he heard. God sees the shedding of innocent blood (not only unborn babies) in this nation. He is going to judge it. Those of us who know what is happening in the spirit must cry out and REPENT. We must completely turn from our wicked ways and go in the opposite direction. We cannot keep our mouths closed and look the other way. There has to be repentance and reformation.

God help us all.


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