The Law of Confession

Thoughts are static: Words are creative (Paul Billheimer)

No doubt, God, our Creator thought about the universe. He conceived of it in His mind and it was there (static, fixed, stationary). However, it was only when He spoke that it was created ( came into being, manifested). Psalm 33:9 (AMPC version) tells us: “For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.”

Read what the Passion Translation says: Words He breathed and worlds were birthed. “Let there be,” and there it was—— springing forth the moment He spoke. No sooner said than done!

In accordance with this principle, since we are partakers of God’s divine nature must not only think the thoughts of God but move them into the realm of creation by speaking. This Law of Confession that we enacted to bring about our salvation will enable us by faith in the Word to speak as the oracles of God. Practice this law daily. Rule and reign by speaking ......( Excerpts: The Veto Power of Prayer)


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